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Sound Genius Studios is a custom music producer and sound design company who has been producing audio content since 1995.   View our original Flash animated promotion (Produced in 1999).

Founded by Producer and Audio Engineer: John Guccione, Sound Genius Studios has produced custom music and audio for all types of media. Including broadcast television, documentaries, video games and more. As a custom music producer, we are capable of producing custom content at the direction of our clients.

In addition to producing custom music and audio for our clients, we also produce custom sound effect libraries to be implemented in sound design projects for all types of creative media.

Sound Genius Studios has produced production elements which has been distributed by Sony Digital Pictures and Sony Computer Music. These production elements are used by other music producer within their own creative works.

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 If you have a creative media project which requires custom music production or custom audio sound design, then contact Sound Genius Studios for an estimate today!.