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Sound Genius is a one-stop solution for artists, musicians and producers who may require assistance with music management services including representation, publication, promotion, distribution, and licensing of their music.

We are an ASCAP registered Music Publisher that also provides music industry consultant services relative to music including production, publishing, promotion, distribution, and licensing that can help you get your music licensed for use on various media including but not limited to: radio, TV commercials, film, and digital media.

We also help artist, musicians and producer get their music on all of the popular download and streaming platforms such as Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora, Shazam, Spotify, and YouTube.

Sound Genius is a preferred Apple content provider that can get your music on Apple Music.  Once your music has been added to our published catalog, your music will be added to our distribution network, this will have your music on Apple Music within just a few days.

If you are a musician, artist or production company, let’s connect! We want to hear your music and assist you with making your it accessible to the world!   Contact Sound Genius today!