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Personal use license allows for personal use of content only.  Music downloaded under these terms permits the user to use the musical content for personal use only.   You can use this license to download and demo music to your clients. However, additional license may be required if you intend to use on any other media.

© 1999 Produced and Created by Sound Genius Studios

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ARCADEArcade Music

Check out this crunchy collection of compositions designed to play in the background of video games or any other media that targets a cool and techie audience.  Moods range from dark dungeons to playful and cute.  Take a journey into the 8 bit dream world painted by a unique sound design.   This collection utilizes synths and samples, which are reminiscent of your favorite childhood video games.  


Cinematic Orchestra Stock Music CollectionCinematic Orchestra

This collection of musical compositions is made for movies.   Paint the picture with music that utilizes orchestral elements and instrument ensembles typical of classical music. Utilizing instruments from different families, including bowed string instruments, woodwinds and percussions. These symphonic songs convey a variety of suspenseful and/or exhilarating moods that will breathe life into your project.


Corporate Business Stock Music CollectionCorporate Business Music

Music made for business.   Use these tunes to promote your business, or to support your next powerpoint presentation or "how-to" video.  Genres run the gambit from electronica, trance and techno to hip-hop and drum & bass.  Moods vary from cool and calm to high energy.   This modern collection of music will help you climb the corporate ladder and impress your boss or perspective client.


Electro Dance Club Stock Music CollectionElectro Dance Club Music

Get ready for this synthesized stockpile of music, which recalls the days of fist pumping bros and "light-stick dancing" go-go girls. Pop bottles in the VIP and feel the energy emanating from the dance floor, as the DJ spins the turntables until the sun comes up.  This energetic library was produced using electronic instruments including synthesizers, samples and scratches. These grooves pay homage to various dance music genres which have evolved from the Chicago "House Music".  Moods include: high energy, Uplifting and Spacey.

Ethnic World Stock Music CollectionEthnic World Music

Travel the globe with this collection of culturally inspired cinematic soundtracks. From the desserts of the Middle East to the bullfighting arenas of Spain, these sultry soundtracks take the listener to a far away place.  Worldly instrumentation puts you in the mood for a epic voyage of heroic proportions.  Moods invoke cinematic and suspenseful feelings.  Prepare your passport and pack lightly, the road less traveled awaits you.


Funk Rock Metal Stock Music CollectionFunk Rock Metal Music

Plug in the amp and put on your black t-shirt and blue jeans. Its time to rock-n-roll! These recordings capture classic rock and other rock music sub-genres, including hybrids like heavy metal, funk rock and rockabilly (country or southern rock).  These tunes are centered on the amplified electric guitar and are supported by the electric bass guitar and heavy hitting rock drums. Moods are cool, motivating and often uplifting, These classic sound-a-like riffs trigger nostalgia, similar to how the smell of AquaNet Hair Spray may recall memories of your head-banging youth.

Jazz Jazzy Music CollectionJazzy Music

This collection of cool is for the jazz cats who like to scat and toe tap to a drum kit that is tuned for trap. Slippery high-hats clap and smooth brushes drag while the tom drums roll fat.  The Fender Rhodes electric piano jams solos, and the stand-up bass plucks slow and low. Jazz, Blues and Big Band genres are the basis of this lot. Some compositions provide sassy duets, while others offer big band brass sections. Jazz is often referred to as  "America's classical music".


Mobster Stock Music CollectionMobster Music

Sound Genius pulled some strings to bring you this unique catalog of Godfather-esque soundtracks that inspire suspenseful & epic moods.  Compositions are comprised of orchestral instrumentation featuring tremolo mandolins, plucky harp strings, sweeping string sections and whispering woodwinds. These "time period" pieces take you back to the era of the roaring 20's & up to the cinematic 70's. Where Goodfellas pushed polished Lincoln Town Cars & Cadillac Eldorados with white-walled tires & bodies in the trunk. Downloading these tunes is a deal you can not refuse.  

Relaxing Stock Music CollectionRelaxed Music

It is time to chill, relax and meditate.  Pause the busy world around you and drift away into this package of pacifying pieces.  Smooth and subtle, slower BPM's will serve well as lullabies and backdrops suitable for daydreams.  Instrumentation employs about every tool in the tool box: pianos, slow strings, synths and samples.  Escape by way of various genres, including Hip-Hop, New Age and Acid Jazz.  This catalog implies moods that are perfect for yoga and meditation.  


Shopping Stock Music CollectionShopping & Retail Music

Persuade your retail shoppers to fill their shopping carts and make that impulse purchase, using this assortment of compelling and energetic tracks.  Explore every floor of the shopping mall and every department in the department store. This collection of songs will make you shop until you drop.  Genres span various dance music sub-genres such as Electronica, Trance, House Music and poppy hip-hop.  These stimulating synthesized bass lines, and 4/4 drum beats are ideal for your flashy fashion show catwalk and/or for your exhilarating automobile commercial.  

Sports Bumpers & Stock Music CollectionSports Music

A collection of compositions produced to support the sports world! These tunes are perfect for getting your crowded stadium pumped up! You can use these sports soundtracks as stadium music to play at player introductions, time-outs or as bumpers to your sports broadcast.  Do not let the catalog cover deceive you. This catalog has "sport specific" themed music perfect for baseball, football, soccer, boxing, wrestling and basketball.   Various genres are used as vehicles to convey exciting moods.   Sport specific sound effects serve as samples within rhythmic drum loops, urging listeners to the edge of their seat in suspense as the final seconds of the game tick away.

Surf Island and Beach Music CollectionSurf Island & Beach Music

Hang loose dude.   Ya mon we chillin.  This swell of sound offers a wave of sound-a-likes, as well as bunches of uncouth joints made for soaking up the sun, or sitting beach side at moonlight with a drink in your hand.  Genres encompass reggae, surf rock and alternative rock.  Beatboxes, bongos and bass plucks.... pull you into a fun, relaxed and refreshed mood.  Call your travel agent and move your flight, stay a few more days in the laze of a tropical haze.


Urban & Rap Music CollectionUrban & Rap Trax

From the worst hoods in America, to becoming one of the world's most commercially used musical genres, Rap and Hip-Hop are now mainstream!   This collection of jams span from the days of old school to modern club bangers. Typical rap and hip-hop instruments are used. Twitchy samples and drum loops accompany  saucy synths, deep bass lines and turntable scratches.  Moods span sexy and sassy to hardcore badass through rich and classy. Stylistic origins of Funk & Disco, merge old school samples and new school rhythms, resulting in flavors liked by all.

Please take a moment to review our licensing agreement